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Xtreme Diamond Sports is a proud affiliate of USTSA (United States Travel Sports of America). USTSA is a network of the best tournament organizations across the country that provide the best tournament events there is to offer for your baseball & fastpitch teams. To view the other great organizations with USTSA you can go to & what other partners of USTSA have to offer. USTSA not only provides great events for your teams to play in, but also is now backed with a rankings system.

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Countdown to the 2019 XDS Baseball World Series!


join us for our 2019
xds world series!

The 2019 Xtreme Diamond Sports Baseball World Series will take place from July 22 - 27, 2019 in San Diego Southern California! Don't miss our upcoming 12th consecutive awesome World Series event. This Fan-tastic event attracts teams from every region in California, Hawaii, Arizona, Neveda, Washington State, Oregon, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Texas, Massachusetts, New York and every baseball state in America. Check out the full event details, opening day festivities, who is coming list, & tourist attractions in the Southern California area for your teams & families to enjoy.

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