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2019 season team registration & roster

Teams are required to register their team & roster for the 2019.
Register New Team & Roster on this page (below) or Login your Tourney Machine account to access current XDS Teams & Rosters. This new team registration & roster system will be done through Tourney Machine. You will notice a couple changes while adding your team & roster to your account. Please add your team to your account & register them for the season. Then complete the waivers for each player for each of your team(s).We hope that this change will make everything easier for teams when creating teams & rosters in their account.

Complete these steps when registering your team(s) for the current season. **Note: you can add/register team in your account, go & register/pay for a tournament event & go back & complete roster later as long as it's done before the event that you're playing in.

1. Login your account or sign up for XDS Tourney Machine account if you don't have one already.

2. Add your team(s) to your account.

3. Go to "Roster" section of the team in your account & put player name, birthday & guardian email.

4. Go to "Waiver" section of your team & click to email waivers.


Rick Melendrez Jr.
National Director