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team registration/roster
or login team account

Register New Team/Roster on this page (below) or Login your Sportsengine account to access current XDS Team Registration/Roster. This will be found in your "Registrations" section after you Login your Sportsengine account. Instructions also at bottom of this page.

How to edit team roster, info & print roster if currently registered instructions below. Note - You must be registered for the current season first to be able to Print/Edit Roster***
1. After you Login your Sportngin Account.
2. Click user name on site or arrow next to user name.
3. Click "Registrations" in the box that appears.
4. Click on 2018 XDS Team Registration/Roster.
5. Click the "Edit" link next to "Roster"
6. Print entire Registration with Roster at the bottom for event check in.

**It is best to do this on a desktop computer, but if you are on a mobile device click the "New Team Registration" Link, Do Not Register New Team, but follow steps above 1 - 5 the same way on that page.


Rick Melendrez Jr.
National Director